Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to check Rankings of your Website or Blog on MOZ as well as Alexa ?

Yeah, we used to check our rankings of Websites and Blogs on MOZ as well as Alexa, as these two were treated as the most prominent ones. But all of a sudden things have changed. There are no more free options available now. If you want to use, you must pay. But the prices are much higher if we convert them into Indian currency.

MOZ has stopped showing your Free rankings of Blogs or websites. You have to pay them now at least $ 99 mo for 5 moz analytical campaigns. Earlier we used to check our Moz rankings without paying anything. But now we have to pay at least INR 7000 /- per month for that. Please check the MOZ Link at : 

Even for Alexa you have to pay between $ 10 mo to $ 149 mo to get perfect insights about your blog and website. Though they are still showing our rankings free of cost, but these are not up to the mark. Please check the Alexa Link at : 

If you earn in $, these figures may not pinch you, but if we have to convert it into our Indian currency, we have now to shed at least INR 7 - 8000 per month for our rankings, which almost 99% of the Bloggers (at least) can't afford. So one thing is very much clear that the Free Bees era from Moz or Alexa is over now.

Strange, we the Indians are the Top most software experts and working in almost every country in almost every company in the Top positions, then, why we cannot generate our own system of Rankings that could be accepted worldwide ?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tango with Eduardo and Kiran at NDTS !

Tango is a social dance from Argentina. It is a couple dance. It is very classy, sensual and sophisticated. Obama was recently seen dancing tango during his visit to Argentina. Besides football, Argentina is famous for tango.

Tango is very meditative and therapeutic. People compare it to yoga and zen. Art of living Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji is also promoting tango under Sri Sri Tango. Our Indian Gurus are also realising its benefits.

It is not hard core fitness activity. It is slow and gentle. Any age group can do it but a noted fact is that tangueros (people who dance tango, are refereed as tangueros) are seldom unfit. There must be a reason. Like golf, it is an amazing socialising and networking activity. Tango is also supposed to be very addictive but in a very good way. Tango is healing and curing.

In Delhi, the only school to teach tango is New Delhi tango school- NDTS. They organise regular milongas (tango socials), tango festivals and tango workshops from world renowned artists. The founder of the school is Kiran Sawhney.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

#CatchUpOnGrowth with the New Health Food Drink Horlicks Growth+

Catch up on Growth was a grand meet on how to gain the Lost Growth between 3 to 9 years of age. It was a grand launch of the new Health Food Drink – HORLICKS GROWTH+.

GSK Consumer Healthcare has extended Horlicks, India’s leading Health Food Drink (HFD), into the advanced nutrition category with the launch of Horlicks Growth+. 

Horlicks Growth+ is a break through nutrition solution designed by international paediatric experts and contains specific nutrients that have been identified to trigger growth in children who are falling behind on the growth curve (in terms of height & weight).

The product is targeted towards 3-9 year old children who are shorter or leaner for their age. Horlicks Growth+ contains high quality whey protein, growth amino acids and vitamins, minerals from natural sources and is available in 2 delicious flavours- chocolate & vanilla.

The product is backed by a strong clinical trial that makes it the first brand in the category clinically proven for catch up on weight and height in children aged 3-9, with results that will be visible in 6 months. Horlicks Growth+ was exclusively launched through digital media and will be available on leading e commerce portals.

The meet had a grand Panel discussion, and a Question / Answer session with Natasha Badhwar as the moderator alongwith Dr Rajiv Chhabra, Ms Satinder Kaur Walia and Dr Jyoti Arora.

Natasha Badhwar is a mother of three, a seasoned media professional and columnist with more than two decades of experience. She is also the co-owner of Ochre Sky, an online fashion brand. She conducts Workshops & coaches Senior Management in 'Speaking for Television' and 'Branding and Identity.' An avid blogger, Natasha also writes a fortnightly column, "My Daughters' Mum" on Mint Lounge.


Dr. Rajiv Chhabra is HOD of Paediatrics at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. In the last 17 years he has worked with Max Hospital, St Mary's Hospital, Seth GS Medical College & Rajiv Gandhi Cancer institute & Research Centre, New Delhi. Apart from being a renowned Doctor he has vast research experience and has written many publications on Haematology and Blood transfusion, hyper tension, respiratory distress and many more medical conditions

Ms Satinder Kaur Walia has more than a decade of experience in working with individuals with disabilities both in India and as well as in USA. She received her Master's degree in Psychology with a specialization in School Psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA. Currently she is running her centre named 'Learning at Potential' a centre for psychological and educational assessment.

Dr .Jyoti Arora is currently working as the Head Dietician at Batra Hospital. In her 15 Years of experience she has worked with Artemis, Fortis, Max & Paras Hospitals. Most important part of her work is counselling the patients and helping them out on their Diet plans. Apart from this she also conducts training on regular basis and has taken up Research projects to formulate new nutritional techniques to enhance patient care.

The GSK Team  that explained about the Health Food Drink, included, Mr Armaan Khan and Dr Aditya Kaushik.

Amaan Khan is the Marketing Lead for Horlicks for the Indian Sub-Continent at GSK Consumer Healthcare. He has 18 years of rich Sales and Marketing Experience across FMCG, Healthcare & Personal Care categories across multiple geographies.
Dr. Aditya Kaushik heads Medical Affairs for Indian Subcontinent at GSK Consumer Healthcare. He is a physician (MBBS, MD) with 20 years of clinical and industry experience in Medical & Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Drug Development. Dr. Aditya also chairs the OTC Industry Association committee at FICCI.
It was a grand launch and the most delicious part of the meet was when we were offered the Health Food Drink in the Mugs. Immediately after the launch we found these mugs in front of us in two different flavours i.e. Vanilla & Chocolate. I took the Chocolate and yeah, it was very tasty. No doubt now the shorter or leaner kids can gain the lost Growth with a very tasty Health Food Drink HORLICKS GROWTH+.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Yum Kitchen – One stop destination for All Your Late Night Food Needs!

In amidst of uncertainty of funding and negativity on whole food tech startups world, there are a handful of companies that are able to survive and sustain in the market with unit level profit. These companies are more concerned about their expenditure, profits and losses over GMV or revenue. In this article, I want to introduce one such startup operating from HSR layout (peaceful residential area) of Bangalore. They have taken baby steps and built a fixed prototype that is able to sustain on its own, grow month-on-month by optimizing its supply-chain, procurement of items and delivery system. Let’s break the suspense! I am talking about YumKitchen, a food startup that operates in the late night, specialised in Chinese, North Indian and Continental cuisines.This is a startup co-founded by 3 young passionate entrepreneurs who want make a difference in Food industry by supplying yummy (yum is taken from yummy) food at a reasonable price in quickest time.

Deepak, the co-founder, left his high paying job to purse his entrepreneurial journey was accompanied by his friends Nirvan and Avinash in making YumKitchen live. Let’s find more about his journey and also the future plans of this venture.

What is YumKitchen and how was it started?
YumKitchen is late night restaurant catering food to Midnight Madness (techies, gamers, employees, students etc). We are operating from Bangalore (main kitchen is in HSR layout, and extended kitchen is in Electronic City). We started Yum kitchen 7 months back. We started YumKitchen as online QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) that serves Indian style of food made by the cuisine specialists catering to everyone.

I always have passion for entrepreneurship. I started and closed a homemade food company 4 years back when I was working at Puma. Though I was working as a full time employee with good salary, there was this entrepreneurship bug on the back of my mind. After settling all financial commitments, I began to think of starting something big and branded. For 1 year, I have done an in-depth analysis of Food industry and opportunities in various food industry segments. From my research, it was clear that this is an unorganised industry and people are willing to stick a brand who can supply tasty food with best-in-class service in terms of delivery, quantity and punctuality.

What is the market size of your startup?
According to ibef.org, India Food Service is going to grow from $48 billion to $78 billion in 5 years from 2015 to 2020. QSR segment alone is projected to be of 16,785 crores INR. Presently, there are few international players like Dominos, McDonalds, Yum Restaurant that own small pie of this QSR business. Most of the business is un-organized and is dominated by local vendors. We want to create a QSR brand that supplies traditional Indian food with best-in-quality and taste!

How Yum Kithcen Operates?
As a food business person, I wanted the brand to have full control on food that is prepared, supply chain and logistics to give wow factor for the customer. Hence, we prepare the food, do an optimal supply chain decreasing the food wastage and by using a proprietary model of delivery, we are able to satisfy the customer on all fronts. Supply-chain and
What is the present status?

Presently, we have 1 main kitchen in HSR layout that caters to most of the night-out localities like HSR, Kormangala, Indira Nagar, Bellandur, BTM 1st and 2nd Stage, Bommanhalli, Lakkasandra, Sarjapur (main road). We have a franchise at electronic city too! We want to open 3 more kitchens to cover complete Bangalore (North, South, East, West and Central).

Are you planning to raise funding and how much?
We want to expand as soon as possible in this segment with-in Bangalore and to other metros like Mumabi, Pune, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. and also want to start new entities like Digital Kiosks, Food trucks etc. We want to raise a minimum of 1 crore rupees. We have talked to couple of HNIs and Angel investors. One of them is keen on our model and it is in advance discussions. We will update you on this.

What will you do with funding?

First and foremost, we want to build brand for Yum Kitchen. Secondly, we want to strengthen our logistics and create intuitive website and app. We will open 3 more kitchens to cover whole Bangalore. Also, we will do selected marketing (primarily digital marketing).

More details at www.yumkitchen.in