Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The thrilling Hexa Experience at Hyderabad and Gurugram

Tata Motors have to launch their new Tata Hexa in the coming month and to promote the new car they had arranged a Hexa Experience centre at Gurugram. I got the opportunity to visit the show, to experience the new Hexa.

Earlier, I had also gone to Hyderabad where we got the opportunity to Drive, ON ROAD, the new Tata Hexa from Novotel hotel near Hyderabad Airport to Vikarabad that was almost 85 KM one way. We had the option to try the Auto as well as the Manual versions on one side each, to & from Hyderabad. While moving from Hyderabad to Vikarabad we tried our hands on the Auto version and while coming back we tried the Manual version. The vehicle is really very strong and we can compare it with a Powerful beast.

While in Hyderabad, we also got the opportunity to have the Real Time ROUGH ROAD Experience. It was great indeed. Just watch my video which has already got almost 30 K views. It was a great time for us. We felt the real power of the Hill Ascending as well Hill Descending modes without applying brakes. It was a real thrill. The location was a small hilly area and the person who drove us was a real expert.

After the real thrill at Hyderabad, I again got the opportunity to have the second level of the Hexa Experience. This time it was at the Gurugram formerly known as Gurgaon. I was offered on the road as well as the off road experience. I preferred the Off Road as I like to face the real and thrilling challenges and that too in a power-packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped Tata Hexa on a specially created artificial off-road track to feel the real power of the vehicle.

It was again the chance that we had the same person driving for the OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE, who had driven us in Hyderabad for the ROUGH ROAD EXPERIENCE. The person is a real expert. He drove the car and in the mid way, while driving, explained many features of the car.

The OFF ROAD experience was also very thrilling. There were many hurdles, artificial heights, Inclines, mud pools as well the slopes and the Tata Hexa was moving like a strong and powerful beast and I felt very comfortable even in those thrilling moments, inside the Tata Hexa. I again tried my best to record the entire real time OFF ROAD experience and the video is being embedded below. Just view it and feel the same thrill that I felt at Hyderabad as well as at Gurugram.

One thing is sure the HEXA is really powerful and very strong and if you want to enjoy its real power, you must buy it. If you want to have the Hexa experience, just wait for their next Hexa Experience Centers in Hyderabad, Bangaluru, Chennai as well Mumbai in the coming days. Just keep an eye on their Advertisement, register for it, have the real time experience of this Luxury vehicle both On Road as well Off Road and decide. I am sure you will buy this beautiful & powerful but very comfortable vehicle, on the very first day of its launch.

In the meantime, just view both the videos embedded above to feel the real thrill. I am really thankful to Tata Motors for the thrilling experience at Hyderabad as well as at Gurugram.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#JetScreen – Don’t get bored, On – board @vohrabs

A journey by aeroplane is really very exciting for the first time flyers, but those who are the regular ones, feel bored as your most important companion i.e. your smart phone is to remain on the Flight mode. You can’t use many of its features such as Facebook, WhatsApp and so on, to pass your time.

Jet Airways has now introduced a new feature i.e. ‘#JetScreen’ on their flights. Now you can use your own smart phone as your very own screen in your hands and your earphones to get entertained while on board, without feeling bored.

All you have to do is to download the Airtime player, on your smart phone, before boarding a plane, and while on board, you have to get connected with the wi-fi in the flight, on the Flight mode, and a whole lot of entertainment will be available for you while moving from one place to another in the Jet Airways.

Once connected, you get various options such as  TV shorts, Movies, Games and Music. You can select any of the options available and once clicked, you will get a sub menu with lots and lots of options to view. You can simply scroll down to view various options listed in the submenu.

If you have clicked Movies, you will get a list of various movies available on board. You can select the one you prefer and can view it without any interruption, to pass your time, to get entertained, while on board, without getting bored.

Similarly, you can watch various trailers and TV shorts, can play various games out of a vast list, remembering your childhood days and you can also enjoy music. You have to just click the option and start your entertainment, on your own smart phone, with your own earphones and you can also keep on changing the options at your own will.

Truly, it’s a great feeling when instead of getting bored, you can relax and feel pleasure by watching the movie that you could not earlier, due to the busy schedule, along with the complimentary hot and delicious meals and a warm cup of Tea or Coffee provided by the Jet Airways.

I felt the same while I was watching a movie on board and the time passed so quickly that there was not a single second to feel bored. I just boarded the plane and got access to the Jet screen and started watching a beautiful movie. I also tried my hands on a few games, watched a few movie trailers and also enjoyed music.

Moreover, the smiling faces of the Jet Airways crew were always there to help and guide you in every possible manner. They looked very polite and very cooperative and were serving the passengers with a real smile.

Please view the video embedded above that certainly proves that you can enjoy the in-flight entertainment, on your own device, while on-board, without getting bored. Thanks to Jet Airways for offering #JetScreen to the flyers. Please log on to the LINK for more details.

Pics with thanks to #JetScreen Jet Airways

Thursday, October 27, 2016


ULIP PLAN means Unit Linked Insurance Plan that gives the investors both insurance and investment under a single integrated plan. We get the benefits of Insurance as well as the Investment, at a time, under this ULIP Plan.  But can we rely on any XYZ company offering any such insurance cum investment plan ?
We certainly require a well known Local name, we can rely upon for our secured future. CANARA HSBC OBC is one such brand that we can absolutely rely upon without a second thought as CANARA HSBC OBC Life insurance company is jointly owned by India’s two largest public sector banks, i.e. Canara bank holding 51%, Oriental bank of commerce holding 23% and HSBC Insurance ( Asia Pacific ) holding 26% of the share capital.
They are launching a ULIP plan which is a part protection and part investment plan. Investment can be used in future to meet our dreams and insurance is also there to meet any eventualities of life. The ULIP plan will give us the most required financial security, for our loved ones, with different options, for protection in the adverse circumstances, if any.
It has three options i.e. Life option, Life option with the Accidental Death benefit (ADB) and Life option with Premium Funding Benefit (PFB). Entry age is 18 years to 50 years while the maturity age is 28 to 65 years.
The iNVESTSHIELD Plan is a unit linked non-participatory investment cum insurance plan which provides the opportunity to create wealth to fulfill various family needs like building an asset or to ensure for a bright future for our child and therefore, we must opt for this plan for our secured future. It can be purchased directly from their website with online payments.   
More details can be checked on their website. INVESTSHIELD .  Tax benefits on premium paid and benefit received during the Policy term under Section 80C and Section 10(10D), as per the Income Tax Act, 1961, as amended from time to time are also available. We must opt for this #InvestShield insurance cum investment plan for our secured future & for our loved ones.