Sunday, August 24, 2014

My small world !

My Small World : : A Blog by a young girl of 12 years old. She has shared whatever she has seen, till this age, be it her school, friends, drawings, certificates, creativity, etc.etc. Must logon once to see what a kid thinks in his / her Small world.

Monday, August 18, 2014

SKYSCANNER : the best of Travel plans

I am always willing to Travel as it's my passion to view newer places regularly. In India i have travelled a lot. Right from the Rohtang pass to Manikaran to Kulu, Manali, Hemkund sahib, Jammu, Amritsar to Agra, Gwalior, Indore to Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Machilipatnam and upto Goa, i loved every thing. Snowy peaks of Rohtang or para gliding at Manali or Boat cruise at Goa, i loved every thing. 

Now i wish to go to China. Wanna see the Great wall of China, Wanna see the markets & industry of China. Wanna see that how they could sell everything at rates lesser than, our cost of that product in India. Wanna see how they produce at such lower costs & ruin the markets of other countries. Skyscanner offered an opportunity to travel free of cost to anywhere in the world and i am ready to crack it. Yes, i wanna go to China now and no where else.

I came to know that skyscanner can help me to get the best fares and so i searched a lot on the, about flights, about hotel bookings, about car bookings, about bus bookings, about everything. Atlast i got the best route at the best prices, thanks to Skyscanner. 
Best Travel deal that i could find for myself was through SKYSCANNER i.e. i.e. from Delhi to Guanzhou with China Southern Airlines for Rs 33,333 (return fair), departure 15th August 23.10 pm & Reaching canton at 06.50 am. & back on 26st August, i.e. 07.30 am & reaching Delhi at 10.50 am i.e. 10 days, PLUS a stay at Guanzhou Halyue Hotel for 10 days @ 6,665 comes to 66,650 = 99,983. 

What a Trip to enjoy CHINA for 10 days as well to look into other business opportunities and to have a great view of our competitors. It can be a great opportunity in less than Rs. 1 Lakh, only through skyscanner. Thanks a lot SKYSCANNER for offering such an opportunity. 

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at and i have really tried my best to get this opportunity. Thanks Blogadda for making it possible.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Zindagi - VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBKAM - Indibloggers

JINDAGI - A new channel of Zee Network has been launched on 23rd of June at 8 pm for connecting the hearts & minds of people of India & Pakistan. A great initiative with a hope to view the Galiyaan of Lahore & Rawalpindi with the actors & actresses across the Border. 

Let's hope, ZINDAGI will be a new bonding chain of flourishing relations between the two countries. Let's hope, ZINDAGI will be JODEY DILON KO through ZEE's corporate philisophy 'VASUDHAIVA  KUTUMBKAM' - The World is my Family. Let's hope that ZINDAGI will give a NEW ZINDAGI to the friendship of both the countries by breaking all the barriers. 

B S Vohra is an IndiHero

We always wanted to visit Pakistan, but the Tensions between the two countries never gave us the opportunity. Hopefully, we would be able to view our neighbouring country, that was once our own part, through JINDAGI. 

Though we could not visit Pakistan, we tried to satisfy our desire by visiting the Wagah Border. During our first visit to the Wagah Border, we left from Amritsar in the early morning but due to excessive cold it was fog all over. Even on reaching the border we found nothing visible. 

During our next visit, we left from Amritsar at around 3 pm to catch the views of the Flag ceremony there. Though Cars are not allowed inside that area, we got the permission & reached the prime spot well in time. It was really a delight for all of us. We could view our Soldiers on the Border as well the Militry personals of Pakistan on the other side. It was a great feeling, that we were on the Border. 

The minute the ceremony started, there was slogan shouting from both the sides. We all were also chanting very loudly, " Hindustan Zindabad ". In a minute, it electrified a great feeling of Patriotism amongst all of us, a feeling of being Proud Indians. 

The truth is that the people of both the countries are willing to mingle with each other, willing to do business with each other. But the tensions since 1947, that are the brain child of the vested interests of Pakistan, never allow the flowers of friendship to come into existence. 

That's why, they keep on continuing the attacks on our Borders, our Parliament, Red fort and other important places in India. Many a times our soldiers have been killed brutally. The peace talks of Sh Bajpai ji lead to Kargil & even after the visit of Mr Nawaz Sharif to meet Modi ji, it's still raining bullets on our Borders.

Let's hope that ZEE NETWORK through ZINDAGI will make an impact on those vested interests & they will forget all the enmity with us. Let's hope that through ZINDAGI Pakistani hukumraans will understand that there is no use of keeping the issues boiling all the time. Let's hope, ZINDAGI will be a new bonding chain of flourishing relations between the two countries. Let's hope, ZINDAGI will be JODEY DILON KO through ZEE's corporate philisophy 'VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBKAM' - The World is my Family. Let's hope that ZINDAGI will give a NEW ZINDAGI to the friendship of both the countries by breaking all the barriers.

Finishing Machinery Blog :

Finishing Machinery Blog : offers a wide range of Finishing machines for metal parts. The range of machines offered by the Blog include : Shot blast, Sand blasty, Vibratory finishing, Thermal deburring, Electro chemical deburring or ECD & ECM machines, Dry ice blast cleaning machines as well Thermal spraying equipment. Please log on to :

Top 5 Sikh Blogs worldwide include 'SikhsIndia' !

We are pleased to inform that SikhsIndia Blog is now amongst the TOP 5 SIKH BLOGS worldwide. Please read the news as below : 

Top 5 Sikh Blogs

There are dozens of blogs related to Sikhism and Sikh issues on the internet, but most are not updated. To assist you in your search in finding knowledgeable, insightful and educational Sikhism blogs, we have put this top 5 list together. These blogs have have a variety of focuses, from daily experiences as a practicing Sikh to Gatka, the martial arts of Sikhism. 

The top 5 Sikhism blogs (in no specific order) are: 

 The Langar Hall is a space dedicated to the experiences, reflections, and interests of a diverse group of young individuals tied together by our common and varied identities as Sikhs in the diaspora. 

 Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa is a Sikh of non-Asian origin and Mr Sikh Net is an online journal that shares his and his families experiences, thoughts, local sangat and how they live as Sikhs. 

 A web based encyclopedia of the Sikh Way of Life written collaboratively by many of its readers. Many people are constantly improving SikhiWIKI, by constantly making changes. Although this is more of a wiki than a blog, we thought this should be included in any list regarding Sikhism. 

 The SikhsIndia blog is a great resource for news and updates on the worldwide Sikh communities. It also has a great number of photo galleries from various Sikh community events, adding some bright and joyous color. 

 Every Sikh has their story to tell and Spirit of Sikh shares this blogger’s experience in a very poetic and spiritual way. It is a collection of thoughts and reflections as the blogger journey’s on this path with the Guru. In these essays, poems, and random thoughts – the Spirit of Sikh blogger hopes to learn more about them-self, learn more about their Guru, and strengthen the bond between the two. 
Other blogs we found insightful and interesting are: 
Martial Art Gatka

with thanks : Chakra News : link :

Best Social Blog :

RWABhagidari Blog has crossed 3 Lakh Visitors. It means that over 3 lakh persons have visited the Blog. The Blog also has a very wide reach & it has attracted visitors from almost every part of the world. The blog now has almost 2000 Subscribers from various RWAs of Delhi & NCR. Please log on to to share your issues. Even you can subscribe it anytime, as the subscription is absolutely FREE. 

The Blog has attracted the worldwide viewership of the Indian community, which is indeed an achievement, as they are not offering, what the masses are looking for, instead they are just raising the issues, which are generally of no interest to the majority of population. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Asus ZenFone – Super Duper Power with Intel inside !

I want my cell phone Asus Zenfone with Intel inside, with the super powers so that the minute I click the camera ON, it will not only show me the external beauty of the persons, but its Super Powers will allow me to look into the reality behind those glittering faces, will allow me to peep inside their hearts & minds, will allow me to judge their mentality, nature as well the hidden thoughts & will allow me to know that they are truthful or just pretending. 

Than I  must have the Super Powers to EDIT the video in such a way that I could change everything i.e. the heart, the mind, the hidden thoughts, the mentality, the nature, into a lively, vibrant, joyous person with positive thoughts. 

I want my cell phone Asus Zenfone with Intel inside, with the super powers so that the minute I click the camera ON, it will allow me to understand their pains & sorrows, the hunger, the diseases, the poverty & so on. 

Than I  must have the Super Powers to EDIT the video in such a way that I could fill the empty stomachs, I could pull them out of their pains, sorrows, diseases & poverty so that they could also live a natural & normal life. 

I want my cell phone Asus Zenfone with Intel inside, with the super powers so that the minute I click the camera ON, it will allow me to look into the upcoming disasters, both man made as well natural ones, such as war, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, landslides as happened last year in kedarnath in which thousands of persons were killed. 

Than I  must have the Super Powers to EDIT the video in such a way that I could control & tame all such upcoming disasters to save the mankind. As a result I will be able to make the entire mankind without any enmity & will spread brother hood everywhere by using my very special Asus Zenfone – Super Power. 

I am very sure that ASUS Zenfone – Super Power with Intel inside, will be made only & only for me & it will give me all the Super Powers, that i want for the mankind. 

But don’t you think that by doing all that I am trace passing into the arena of GOD itself, & therefore, I must remain in my limits & Asus Zenfone 5 or 6 will be enough for me ? Asus Zenfone 5 with 5 inch IPS Display, 1280x720 pixel resolution, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection, a dual core 2 GHZ intel Atom Z2580 mobile chipset paired with 1 GB RAM, 8 MP camera with Autofocus and LED flash, 1080p videos, 2 MO camera for video chats with 2110 mAh battery makes a good combination.

But if I have the option, I will prefer Asus Zenfone 6, as 6 inches display, 1280x720 pixel resolution, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology, 13 MP camera with Auto focus & LED flash, full HD videos, 2 MP camera for video caling & with a 3300 mAh battery,makes it a Super Duper Power.

Meet, that changed smelly to smiley !

Though I get regular messages from indiblogger, I never took much interest as first of all I don’t like to go alone n secondly, can’t really adjust in the ho halla that’s expected  in such kind of meets. 

Reason : I am a different type of person. A Blogger but with a social cause. Wanna serve the society. Wanna chat n discuss about our meets with DERC so that the power tariff could come down Wanna chat n discuss about the DJB, about dirty water being supplied, about waterloging in the city, potholes, sanitation, power outages, RWAs, FDI, inflation, politicians etc. etc. & ofcourse about our RTIs on various issues and you can find me on various TV channels on various social issues.
Donno how, i decided to visit the Ambipur meet, filled the participation forms n reached the spot alongwith Sonia - my wife who is also a very active Blogger with our SikhsIndia Blog. 

The meet started with Nihal and OMG what was that ? All the bloggers were just laughing, banging their heads… looked like a MAD MAD MAD House or a mad mad mad world.

But very soon I realized that it was not a mad house instead a fun filled event where youngsters had ample opportunities to express. It was not just a promotional event of P&G for Ambi Pur, instead it offered us to meet a wide variety of bloggers from the city as well NCR region with different causes, interests, technicalities & so on. They were from different age groups, from the mere 13 years old to the grown ups & matures, all there, under the single roof, laughing, shouting, enjoying the fun filled event.

All the Bloggers actively participated in various activities & expressed themselves in the best possible manner. And lastly the skits, though promotional in nature, again offered ample opportunities to the audience. They were divided in 8 teams & given few minutes to not only to make a promotional skit but also to perform it on the stage. Great fun indeed ! All the teams performed well, with their own themes, their own stories, generated there itself, in few minutes with all the born n natural actors. Good job ! Great efforts ! I just sprayed AMBI PUR to convert the smelly ones into smiley ones.

And finally, i had to change my opinion, atleast about the indiblogger meets. Instead of mere Ho Halla, it was a great experience, a great opportunity to meet all lot of friends from various cultures, different fields, different age groups but with one thing in common. Yeah, we all were INDIBLOGGERS.

Definitely three cheers for the entire indiblogger team, that was quite friendly and thanks from my wife to all there as she really enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Ambipur as it changed the smelly to smiley in a short span. 

And one thing is sure that now onwards i would like to attend all the indiblogger meets in Delhi & around (subject to my time restraints), and in case i could not reach the spot due to my other social activities, my wife will definitely be there, in the indiblogger meets as a co blogger. In that case, please don't forget to meet me at the link below :