Monday, February 27, 2017

Berger paints - the magic of Silk and smoothness for the mesmerizing impact

Berger “Express Painting”, a meet cum workshop organized by Berger Paint Industries Ltd, was a great opportunity for me, to understand various colour options, textures, as well the latest technology in the hands of highly trained persons. “Express Painting” refers to the revolution that has been introduced in India, for the First time, by the Berger Paint Industries Ltd for a sparkling outcome.

Berger Paints exhibited the working of Dust free cutting edge vacuum suction enabled sanding machines to rub the walls as well the multipurpose mixer, auto roller, high pressure washer, and the airless paint sprayer machines, for more efficient and better painting with sparkling results, a hassle free process, without any wastage of material with better coverage and smoothness guaranteed.

We also tried our hands by manually rubbing and painting, to see and understand the difference between that, as well the automated and advanced painting being offered by the Berger. The surprising factor was, that the cost involved was almost similar to that of any localized painter with a saving of almost 40% of the precious time, in an absolutely dust free environment. You will definitely get efficient and better painting with sparkling results, without any wastage of material with better coverage and smoothness guaranteed. Moreover, there are 2 types of home painting services, i.e. Gold & Platinum. Platinum includes the shifting & masking of furniture, plus clean up as well the one year service warranty and home insurance with options to pay by cheque, debit / credit card as well the EMI.

You can select various interior combinations, with colours inspired from the crafts of India, such as, Molten glow metals in Yellow & Orange, Warm wooden tales in Peach & Brown, Fabric of life in Pink & Purple, Poultry blues in Blue & Teal, Natural greens in Green & Olive, as well the Silence of sculpted stone in Pastel & Neutral.

Similarly, the exterior combinations include the colours inspired by the Natural materials of India, such as, Silent stone in Neutrals & Pastels, Molten Metals in Yellows & Oranges, Terracotta Tales in Peaches & Browns, Sand Stone Trails in Pinks & Purples, Mosaic arches in Blues & Aquas, as well the Evergreen vines in Greens & Limes.

You can also Paint an Illusion of colours & textures, inside your home, on your walls, with a feel of silk & magic, leaving your friends & relatives absolutely mesmerized. The options in METALLICA include Radiant Glow, Blossoms, Beauty Queen, Silver Fire, Curves, Haiku, Abstract, Inferno. Similarly the options in NON–METALLIC include WiFi, Trance, Clouds, Strings, Moon Rock, Flora, Nova, Autumn, Spatulato, Crush, Rush, Twirl. The options in MARBLE include Marble, Whipped cream, and various options in the DESIGNZZ include Chakra, SunBurst, Flora, Ornate, Foliage, as well the Art Deco.

You must try the world class “Express Painting” services being offered by Berger at no additional costs. You may just call the Toll free number of Berger paints, i.e. 1800 103 6030 for a Quote and for its comparison with your local painters. You must check the difference of quality & standards being offered by Berger in various colour combinations and textures for your interior or exterior, in comparison to the manual work of your local painter, who can never offer you the magic of Silk and smoothness for the mesmerizing impact of the T20 of painting. 

with thanks : RWABhagidari

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